House Construction

Prime Construction has a major experience in carrying out all types of house constructions projects. In the past years, Prime Construction have successfully completed several house projects containing in excess of 400 houses.

Commercial Construction

Given the vast experience in major villas and building project, Prime Construction has the capacity and the skill to carry out the construction of major complex projects including both high-rise buildings and/or horizontally extended buildings.

Building Constriction

Prime Construction is currently licensed for high-rise residential and commercial building for unlimited number of floors. Currently, Prime Construction is carrying out multiple number of this type of projects.

Civil Construction

The field of expertise of Prime Construction is not only limited to building but also covers the construction of civil projects. Prime Construction has carried and continues to carry out civil projects in various locations in Pakistan.

Technical Services

Prime Construction provide a different type of technical services such as Renovation Services , False Ceiling , Woodwork, Wallpapers , Interior Designing.

Real Estate Services

We, as a land organization, give everything with respect to property going to land. Land business characterizes, Property and everything altered, undaunted, or permanently.


When we give our word on delivery, we are committed to doing everything within our control to meet our promise. If situations occur, that are beyond our control, we immediately communicate the issues to the customer and re-set their expectations.

We believe in personal accountability and expect it from our team. Accountability is achieved by closing the loop? on clear expectations and then delivering on the commitment.

At Prime Constructions, we value relationships. That is why we consistently rank among the nation’s leading commercial real estate developers. After five decades in business, we know integrity and professionalism form the bedrock of productive partnerships.


Quality is remembered
long after the price
is forgotten...

Completed Projects
On-Going Projects